My Fish Tank Addiction

I purchased my first fish tank while I was in college.  I have always loved animals, and it made me really sad every weekend that I had to leave my dog back at home because my apartment didn’t allow dogs.  I figured it would be fun to set up a small fish tank, plus it would give me a little bit of company while I was in school.  So a friend and I ventured off to Petco in the next nearest town and I got myself a 10 gallon freshwater set up.  I had everything running by the evening, and my fish were swimming around the tank exploring.  A year later, I decided I wanted to move into a new college apartment with roommates.  I moved my little fish tank home for the summer (not a fun task by the way), and then decided I wanted an upgrade.  I went back to a pet store with that same friend and upgraded to a 29 gallon tank.  I can’t say that my family was too happy about that decision, but they would never ask me to get rid of a pet that I bring into the house, luckily.

Fast forwarding about two years later, I then decided I wanted an even bigger fish tank challenge: the saltwater tank.  After tons of research and Craigslist searches for a used fish tank (have you ever look at the price of a new one? Yikes!) and I found myself a 72 gallon bow-front tank.  I had to rebuild the stand and actually purchased a new glass tank anyways since the Craigslist one was so scratched up.  It was a lot of work, but eventually I got the tank up and running.  I now also have a quarantine tank (think of a fish hospital) that sits next to my saltwater tank and is running with just water at all times in case I purchase new fish or a fish comes down with an illness.  I’ll go into more details in future blogs about all the struggles I went through and everything I learned from starting up that tank.

Now, most people would probably stop there.  I had a freshwater tank and a saltwater tank.  However, I just cant. stop.  Seriously, its an issue.  My mom had bought a freshwater tank, 29 gallon as well, and decided a few months later she didn’t like all the maintenance.  So guess who inherited yet another tank?   Yep.  We’re up to 3 tanks now.  And, by now, you should know that I still couldn’t stop.  So, I bought a 220 gallon saltwater tank and stand that is currently sitting in a storage shed until I save enough money to start running that one.  Hopefully within 6 months I can have everything purchased the tank needs to actually set it up.

I may have a little bit of an addiction to fish tanks.  But hey, they are beautiful and I love every fish I purchase.  Some of them even have names (don’t laugh at me).  I’ll be following up with details about maintenance, common tank issues, and other knowledge in case any of you ever decide to be a fish hoarder as well.


Ghostly Matters

DSC_0308The house standing before me was old but, oh, it was beautiful.  It wasn’t beautiful in the sense of being visually stunning.  It was beautiful because it had a past.  A past that was lost somewhere in the generations of families settling in and then moving on.  A past that involved my family, both through good times and hard.  I had heard multiple stories about this house when I was growing up.  Stories of the strange happenings and sightings.  I was even shown a photo of my mother and uncle as young children with a young girl and dog sitting under the table they were eating at.  Why was this odd?  My grandmother said they never owned a dog in that house.  In fact, a dog had never even entered that house while they were living in it.  My curiosity was captured instantly, and I had to hear every story my family had about that house.  There were other stories about negative experiences, but all the happenings in that house were harmless.

I was told about the footsteps that could be heard throughout the day inside a long closet that was upstairs.  They would go from one end of the closet to the next, just pacing back and forth.  But when you looked inside the closet?  Nothing.  The noise would stop after that, and then come back a few hours later.

I was told about the children’s train set that would run and stop by itself, but only when placed in that closet.  I listened as my uncle described a green floating figure that was seen as my family was moving out of the house.  The figure was laying perfectly still as if sleeping on his bed.  However, there was no bed there anymore.  It had already been packed.

I could listen to my family telling stories for hours.  So when we finally went back to the town and state where the house was, I was more than ecstatic.  When we were walking the streets of the house, we had to at least try to see more than just the outside of the house.  My grandma walked up to a woman sitting on a porch and they talked about people they happened to know in common, and how our family used to own that Victorian house.  Eventually, my grandma asked if we could go inside and see the changes that had been made.  As we walked through the door, I could feel the environment change around me.  It was almost as if I could feel the house in my skin.  My toddler brother instantly started crying; something that was very rare for him.  We asked if the current homeowners ever experienced anything strange.  In response, they mentioned that closet.  My grandma and I were amazed.  She went on about her experiences in the house, we walked around for a little bit, and then eventually left.  My brother stopped crying as soon as we walked out the front door.

Although not everyone believe in the supernatural, the stories and feelings I got inside that house sparked a yearning in me to learn more about supernatural experiences.  My bucket list actually includes going to some locations that are deemed famous for being haunted.  I’m not out to find the reason there may be ghosts lurking around the earth still.  I just want to know if some people, or animals, really do stay with us, even after passing.  Will I have stories to pass down to my grandchildren about spooky experiences?  Who knows.  But at the moment, what I do know is that I believe.  I believe that something more is out there that I am supposed to learn and connect with.  I believe in ghosts. Do you?


This is my first ever Daily Prompt writing.  Feel free to give constructive criticism so I can write a better piece next time! Ghost

When a Samoyed Joins the Family

I decided to purchase a Samoyed about two and a half years ago.  I have severe allergies to dogs, cats, horses, trees, grass, you name it, so I have to be very picky about what kinds of dog breeds I can own.  After doing a lot of research and reading through comment sections, I decided that I was destined to get a Samoyed.  I knew I was taking a big risk getting such a fluffy and big dog, but there were some claims that this breed produced less dander than other breeds, so I was willing to take the risk.  After searching for months for a breeder who had puppies and actually had a pup still unclaimed, I found my boy.  I anxiously waited until the day came that I could pick the little fur bundle up and bring him home.

Baby Quincy

I decided to name him Quincy, after my grandfather’s work in Quincy Township.  It was extremely exciting, but I forgot how frustrating puppies can be.  It took forever to potty train this dog.  He would go to the bathroom in his kennel every night for months.  He would go over to the door, be let out, and then come back in a few minutes later and pee in the house.  Once, I left him alone for a few hours and made the mistake of not putting him in the kennel.  I came home to runny poo and pee on my bed, a half eaten coach, and my carpet ripped up and destroyed.  That was not a good day.  We had to get rid of all the carpet and now have a cement floor.  But we are past the puppy stage now, thank goodness.

One and a half year old Quincy

Now, I’m not sure where I read it, but while researching the Samoyed breed I ran into a few different sources that said this dog does not shed besides once or twice a year when they are blowing their coat.  HA!  If only that were true.  There is white hair EVERYWHERE!  Its in our clothes.  Its woven into our blankets.  Its stuck on our rugs.  Its even upstairs, where Quincy isn’t allowed to go.  I’ll be eating lunch and his hair is in it.  Going to the toilet.  Yep.  Hair in the underwear.  If I don’t vacuum every few days we start getting hair tumbleweeds rolling across our floor.  Its not pretty.  But even with the excessive shedding, I wouldn’t trade this dog for anything.  He is my best friend.  He is literally the best dog I’ve ever known.  He loves people and children so much.  My 10 pound dog is the boss of Quincy, who is 60 pounds.  This dog has the best personality, and I love him dearly.

So, if you are deciding whether or not to bring a Samoyed into the home, consider the puppy terror stage and hair struggles.  But also remember, Samoyeds are wonderful, entertaining, and loving additions.

My First Blog Post

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my blogs!  My name is Lindsey, and I’m 22 years old.  I recently got married August 6th, 2016.  I live in out in the country in the state of Minnesota.  My husband and I live with my grandma and uncle.  I call my grandma GG.  I don’t know where I created the nickname from, but it stuck.  It is an odd living situation, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My husband and I have the entire downstairs to ourselves, which consists of two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a living room, dining room, and half kitchen.  Basically, we have our own apartment downstairs.  GG and my uncle have their own living situation upstairs, so we rarely cross paths.  It is pretty ideal in my mind.  I get to save money to possibly purchase a house in the future, while living comfortably in the time being.  Do we get into arguments occasionally?  Yes.  My grandma is practically like my mother, because she raised me and lived with me while my mom worked.  She also does not get along at all with my husband, who has been living with us for about two years now.  That is a whole other topic on its own.

Anyways, in my “apartment,” I have 3 active fish tanks and 1 quarantine tank ready to run at any time, 2 chinchillas, 2 dogs, 2 alpaca, and occasionally I have a preying mantis (when I can keep one alive).  I can’t stop buying animals.  Its a serious addiction.  If I wasn’t allergic to everything that moves or grows, I would be that crazy person with 50 cats and dogs.  I already am that crazy person with too many fish and a saltwater tank upgrade coming up.  On top of all of that, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 3 months now.  I want 4 kids eventually (yes, I know I am crazy), and I really want to start now.  In future blogs I want to get into more detail about how the process is going and some things I’ve been struggling with.

On a different note, I graduated in December of 2015 with an elementary teaching license.  I have yet to get a job, but I am trying really hard to squeeze in somewhere.  The last few months I have been substituting for my dream school district almost full time.  I am just waiting for someone to retire now so I can secure my place.  I love education and do a lot of extra activities as well.  I teach a camp every summer at a university to children who are gifted and talented.  I also coach high school dance team throughout the winter season.  On top of all that, I am doing online schooling for my graduates degree.  I keep busy!

I hope that you learned a bit about me from this post!  I’ll be elaborating on some of the topics I mentioned here in blogs to come!