My Fish Tank Addiction

I purchased my first fish tank while I was in college.  I have always loved animals, and it made me really sad every weekend that I had to leave my dog back at home because my apartment didn’t allow dogs.  I figured it would be fun to set up a small fish tank, plus it would give me a little bit of company while I was in school.  So a friend and I ventured off to Petco in the next nearest town and I got myself a 10 gallon freshwater set up.  I had everything running by the evening, and my fish were swimming around the tank exploring.  A year later, I decided I wanted to move into a new college apartment with roommates.  I moved my little fish tank home for the summer (not a fun task by the way), and then decided I wanted an upgrade.  I went back to a pet store with that same friend and upgraded to a 29 gallon tank.  I can’t say that my family was too happy about that decision, but they would never ask me to get rid of a pet that I bring into the house, luckily.

Fast forwarding about two years later, I then decided I wanted an even bigger fish tank challenge: the saltwater tank.  After tons of research and Craigslist searches for a used fish tank (have you ever look at the price of a new one? Yikes!) and I found myself a 72 gallon bow-front tank.  I had to rebuild the stand and actually purchased a new glass tank anyways since the Craigslist one was so scratched up.  It was a lot of work, but eventually I got the tank up and running.  I now also have a quarantine tank (think of a fish hospital) that sits next to my saltwater tank and is running with just water at all times in case I purchase new fish or a fish comes down with an illness.  I’ll go into more details in future blogs about all the struggles I went through and everything I learned from starting up that tank.

Now, most people would probably stop there.  I had a freshwater tank and a saltwater tank.  However, I just cant. stop.  Seriously, its an issue.  My mom had bought a freshwater tank, 29 gallon as well, and decided a few months later she didn’t like all the maintenance.  So guess who inherited yet another tank?   Yep.  We’re up to 3 tanks now.  And, by now, you should know that I still couldn’t stop.  So, I bought a 220 gallon saltwater tank and stand that is currently sitting in a storage shed until I save enough money to start running that one.  Hopefully within 6 months I can have everything purchased the tank needs to actually set it up.

I may have a little bit of an addiction to fish tanks.  But hey, they are beautiful and I love every fish I purchase.  Some of them even have names (don’t laugh at me).  I’ll be following up with details about maintenance, common tank issues, and other knowledge in case any of you ever decide to be a fish hoarder as well.


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