When a Samoyed Joins the Family

I decided to purchase a Samoyed about two and a half years ago.  I have severe allergies to dogs, cats, horses, trees, grass, you name it, so I have to be very picky about what kinds of dog breeds I can own.  After doing a lot of research and reading through comment sections, I decided that I was destined to get a Samoyed.  I knew I was taking a big risk getting such a fluffy and big dog, but there were some claims that this breed produced less dander than other breeds, so I was willing to take the risk.  After searching for months for a breeder who had puppies and actually had a pup still unclaimed, I found my boy.  I anxiously waited until the day came that I could pick the little fur bundle up and bring him home.

Baby Quincy

I decided to name him Quincy, after my grandfather’s work in Quincy Township.  It was extremely exciting, but I forgot how frustrating puppies can be.  It took forever to potty train this dog.  He would go to the bathroom in his kennel every night for months.  He would go over to the door, be let out, and then come back in a few minutes later and pee in the house.  Once, I left him alone for a few hours and made the mistake of not putting him in the kennel.  I came home to runny poo and pee on my bed, a half eaten coach, and my carpet ripped up and destroyed.  That was not a good day.  We had to get rid of all the carpet and now have a cement floor.  But we are past the puppy stage now, thank goodness.

One and a half year old Quincy

Now, I’m not sure where I read it, but while researching the Samoyed breed I ran into a few different sources that said this dog does not shed besides once or twice a year when they are blowing their coat.  HA!  If only that were true.  There is white hair EVERYWHERE!  Its in our clothes.  Its woven into our blankets.  Its stuck on our rugs.  Its even upstairs, where Quincy isn’t allowed to go.  I’ll be eating lunch and his hair is in it.  Going to the toilet.  Yep.  Hair in the underwear.  If I don’t vacuum every few days we start getting hair tumbleweeds rolling across our floor.  Its not pretty.  But even with the excessive shedding, I wouldn’t trade this dog for anything.  He is my best friend.  He is literally the best dog I’ve ever known.  He loves people and children so much.  My 10 pound dog is the boss of Quincy, who is 60 pounds.  This dog has the best personality, and I love him dearly.

So, if you are deciding whether or not to bring a Samoyed into the home, consider the puppy terror stage and hair struggles.  But also remember, Samoyeds are wonderful, entertaining, and loving additions.

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