My First Blog Post

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my blogs!  My name is Lindsey, and I’m 22 years old.  I recently got married August 6th, 2016.  I live in out in the country in the state of Minnesota.  My husband and I live with my grandma and uncle.  I call my grandma GG.  I don’t know where I created the nickname from, but it stuck.  It is an odd living situation, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My husband and I have the entire downstairs to ourselves, which consists of two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a living room, dining room, and half kitchen.  Basically, we have our own apartment downstairs.  GG and my uncle have their own living situation upstairs, so we rarely cross paths.  It is pretty ideal in my mind.  I get to save money to possibly purchase a house in the future, while living comfortably in the time being.  Do we get into arguments occasionally?  Yes.  My grandma is practically like my mother, because she raised me and lived with me while my mom worked.  She also does not get along at all with my husband, who has been living with us for about two years now.  That is a whole other topic on its own.

Anyways, in my “apartment,” I have 3 active fish tanks and 1 quarantine tank ready to run at any time, 2 chinchillas, 2 dogs, 2 alpaca, and occasionally I have a preying mantis (when I can keep one alive).  I can’t stop buying animals.  Its a serious addiction.  If I wasn’t allergic to everything that moves or grows, I would be that crazy person with 50 cats and dogs.  I already am that crazy person with too many fish and a saltwater tank upgrade coming up.  On top of all of that, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 3 months now.  I want 4 kids eventually (yes, I know I am crazy), and I really want to start now.  In future blogs I want to get into more detail about how the process is going and some things I’ve been struggling with.

On a different note, I graduated in December of 2015 with an elementary teaching license.  I have yet to get a job, but I am trying really hard to squeeze in somewhere.  The last few months I have been substituting for my dream school district almost full time.  I am just waiting for someone to retire now so I can secure my place.  I love education and do a lot of extra activities as well.  I teach a camp every summer at a university to children who are gifted and talented.  I also coach high school dance team throughout the winter season.  On top of all that, I am doing online schooling for my graduates degree.  I keep busy!

I hope that you learned a bit about me from this post!  I’ll be elaborating on some of the topics I mentioned here in blogs to come!

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